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Alpha Chi Alpha - Frances Morehouse Prize

This prize is awarded annually to a graduating senior with a distinguished record in the Social Sciences. Consideration is given not only to scholastic standing but also to scope of interest in the Social Sciences. Awards in recent years have ranged from $300 to $500. Students may nominate themselves or be nominated by a faculty member; in either case, a complete application will consist of a personal statement by the student outlining his or her interest in an area within the Social Sciences, a copy of the student’s transcript, and two letters of recommendation.

Athena Scholarships

The Hunter College Athena Scholar Program provides a unique opportunity for academically talented students with an interest in gaining a deep understanding of the fundamental questions of life. Hunter’s philosophically-inclined students obtain an understanding of the fundamental questions of life by examining culture, literature, philosophy, languages, classics, and religion. Through the humanities, Athena Scholars explore larger philosophical questions and learn to delve deeply into complex intellectual issues.

Daedalus Scholar

The Daedalus Scholar Program provides a unique opportunity for academically talented students to draw on Hunter's exceptional faculty and programs in Computer Science.  During their first year, Daedalus scholars enroll in an enriched version of Hunter's first year computer science sequence. In addition to learning the fundamentals of computer science and computer programming, students will explore topics like data mining, cryptography, artificial intelligence and more. Daedalus scholars also learn how to use industry standard tools and techniques in their study of computer science in preparation to be active participants in New York's Tech Industry.  Students admitted to this program receive a laptop to support their studies.

JFEW Eleanor Roosevelt Scholars Program

The Hunter College Roosevelt Scholar Program provides a unique opportunity for academically talented students with a significant interest in public and civic affairs to take advantage of Hunter’s exceptional public policy, urban affairs, international human rights and pre-law faculty and resources. Roosevelt scholars engage in public and civic issues through specially designed, shared courses, and unique events with government officials, policy makers, academics and private sector and non-profit organization leaders.

Jonas Nursing Honors Scholars

The Nursing Scholar Program is for bright, highly engaged students to pursue nursing education within the context of an enhanced, academically-challenging curriculum that instills a desire for learning. Graduates of the program will be uniquely-qualified to enter the profession of nursing and to become leaders in the profession, obtain doctoral education, and make valuable contributions to the profession and discipline of nursing though nursing education, research, or advanced practice. Students admitted to the program also recieve guaranteed admission directly to the School of Nursing (bypassing application otherwise required prior to sophomore year) with completion of first-year generic program pre-nursing requisites with grade and GPA requirements.

Mina S. Rees Graduate Scholarship in Science and Mathematics

In keeping with the donor's request, a single award to a graduate student either enrolled in or about to enter a Ph.D. program in one of natural sciences or mathematics at the City University of New York is given. With permission of the donor, two or more awards have been given in some years. The criteria for selection are:
  • Promise of scientific professionalism, drive, incisiveness, originality
  • Promise of competence as a teacher; solidity and span of subject matter, knowledge and articulateness
  • Aspirations as a cultured person-commitment, breadth and genuineness of intellectual interest
The nominations should include:
  • Student's degree program and level
  • A list of the student's publications and/or presentations at scientific meetings
  • A letter of recommendation from the student's sponsor or advisor (If that person is a member of this Committee, there must be an additional letter of recommendation from another faculty member.)
As soon as the recipient is chosen, we will need the student's social security number and EMPL identification numbers, so that the award check can be prepared

Muse Scholars

The Hunter College Muse Scholar Program provides a unique opportunity for academically strong and artistically talented students to take advantage of Hunter's exceptional arts programs, faculty and resources. Through tailored courses and attendance at events at Hunter and New York City arts and cultural institutions, Muse Scholars receive an unparalleled opportunity to explore the arts and engage in creative pursuits while receiving a top-notch liberal arts education. Applicants to the Muse Program should demonstrate significant interest and/or achievement in one or more of the following arts disciplines: visual arts, music, dance, theater, film, media, art history, curatorship and exhibitions, and creative writing.

Shuster Awards for Outstanding Master's Degree Theses

The nomination packet should consist of a letter of nomination; a one-page summary of the thesis; an evaluation of the thesis by the thesis sponsor, including comments on the merit of the nominated thesis compared to other theses recently completed in their program; and a copy of the thesis. A thesis that has not yet been given formal final approval by its sponsor may be nominated and considered for this award, if a copy of the final draft accompanies the nomination.

The Jacqueline Schiller Fund Scholarship

The Jacqueline Schiller Fund scholarship was established in The New York Community Trust to provide scholarships to CUNY students in the fields of literature and/or history who are among the best and brightest and who demonstrate financial need. The fields of literature and history are very broad and include many courses and many different programs.

Completed applications are due no later than August 2, 2019. All awardees will be notified by September 9, 2019.

Yalow Scholars

The Hunter College Yalow Scholar Program provides a unique opportunity for students with an outstanding academic record who plan to pursue the sciences in college and a career in scientific research, medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine. Yalow scholars have priority access to some of Hunters top freshman and sophomore science courses and faculty, and a dedicated faculty mentor and academic advisors to help them succeed at Hunter, including guidance on internships, graduate school admissions and other opportunities.